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  • Epson EB-L635SU: WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projector - 6000 AL - Contrast: Over 2 500 000:1 Zwart

Epson EB-L635SU: WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projector - 6000 AL - Contrast: Over 2 500 000:1 Zwart


- Colored light output: 6,000 Lumens - 4,200 Lumens (economy mode) in accordance with ISO 21118:2012
- White light output: 6,000 Lumen - 4,200 Lumen (economy mode) in accordance with ISO 21118:2012
- Resolution: WUXGA, 1920 x 1200, 16:10
- High definition: Full HD
- Aspect ratio: 16:10
- Contrast: About 2 500 000:1
- Light source: Laser
- Short Throw

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EB-L635SU: Short-throw projector

The EB-L635SU short-throw, 6,000 lumens laser projector is ideal for users who need to produce large images in tight spaces.

As the market leader in 3LCD technology, Epson continues to improve its high brightness laser projectors with more compact short-throw display solutions. The EB-L635SU delivers effective, practical and creative applications to meet the display needs in education, corporates, museums and visitor attractions. All achieved without sacrificing image quality or lens shift flexibility.

Bright, cost-effective display solutions

Providing bolder, brighter, more engaging and impactful displays even in brightly-lit environments, the EB-L635SU offers impressive 6,000-lumen brightness and WUXGA Full HD resolution at an affordable price. This means that users can upgrade to laser performance and reliability, with reduced power consumption, without paying a premium. It also features: 0.8:1 throw ratio, 4K input support, detail enhancement technology, edge blending and wide lens shift to fit challenging installation environments. The EB-L635SU is capable of large format and blended displays, without any reduction in clarity or vivid detail.

Enhanced connectivity

This display solution offers many different ways to connect, show multiple sources simultaneously and present wirelessly. The EB-L635SU comes equipped with futureproofed connectivity options including HDMI and HDBaseT with 4K signal support, 5GHz wireless with enterprise security, upgraded Miracast, built-in media player and support for Epson’s ELPWP10 wireless presentation system.

Easy and flexible installation

This stylish and compact projector supports 360 degree installation without compromising the display quality and supports 16:6 ultra-widescreen, HDMI output and edge blending for multi-projector installs. Also available in white.