Magewell USB Fusion



Make your online lectures and virtual events more attractive. With USB Fusion, you can combine camera images and screen shares into compelling live presentations for distance education, webinars, live streaming, video conferencing and more.

USB Fusion is een multi-input USB-video-opnameapparaat met geïntegreerde bron-keuze en lay-outcontrole. Met twee HDMI-ingangen en één USB-webcamingang, kan USB Fusion schakelen tussen bronnen of twee ingangen tegelijkertijd combineren tot één uitgang (beeld-in-beeld of naast elkaar) voor gebruik in popular software (Teams, Zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube. ..) via USB 3.0-interface.

Using the USB Fusion Companion app, educators and event hosts can pre-create presentation playlists and include pre-recorded audio and other media files in their sessions. The app's annotation tools can be used to mark up presentation materials, and the annotations can be exported to a file to share after the class or event. Sessions can also be recorded to the USB Fusion hardware's built-in storage via the app for later playback.

Users or administrators can configure and manage the hardware through its built-in web GUI.