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  • Renson has invested in a central audio system in the new factory in Kruisem

Renson has invested in a central audio system in the new factory in Kruisem


Bekafun was able to install a central audio system in the factory halls of Renson Kruisem.

Renson Kruisem, you know, that large factory along the E17 in Kruisem has invested in a central audio system in the factory halls.

Renson Outdoor is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in outdoor living concepts. All our patio roofs, carports, facade cladding and garden elements match the same look-and-feel and are characterized by durability, comfort and high quality. The constant innovation in which Renson excels makes his garden concepts the world's best for 'outdoor living'. With Renson Outdoor you therefore opt for top-quality design that you can extend around the entire home. This way you create the ideal atmosphere all year round to fully enjoy the outdoors.



- General audio installation over the entire factory halls.
- General call with zone selection
- Automatic on/off at different times
- 4 audio sources should change automatically over time
- Modular system that can be expanded or adapted in the future
- Each zone controllable in volume and source selection
- Complete installation by providing Bekafun, from pulling cables to programming the system.

Following material was installed


Audac installation material suitable for catering, shops or industry. View Audac in-wall and surface-mounted loudspeakers with their accompanying amplifiers and peripherals

audio speakers

Given the enormous distances, amplifiers with Dante module were chosen


inbouwspeakers in de burelen van de fabriekshallen


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