Pre-order nuow Sonos Sub Mini


Sub Mini: The compact subwoofer with big bass


Deepen your listening experience for TV, music and more with powerful bass when you combine Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, One or One SL. Place it where you want, install easily with the Sonos app and experience richer, more immersive sound without noise or judder.

Mini makes a big impact

Two dedicated woofers and advanced processing deliver deep, dynamic bass to immerse you even more in all scenes and tracks.

No buzzing or vibrating

Inside the acoustically sealed enclosure, both inward-facing woofers create a force-cancelling effect that neutralizes distortion.

Quick and easy to install

Plug in the power cord and open the Sonos app to wirelessly connect your soundbar or speaker and adjust the bass level. The volume changes automatically with the connected product.

Round sound, round design

The unique cylindrical design fits anywhere - unobtrusively in plain sight or hidden under a piece of furniture.

Better bass for your space

The Trueplay™ tuning technology adapts the bass to the acoustics of the room so that it doesn't sound too loud, buzzy or flat. Even if you place Sub Mini next to a wall.
Supported iOS device required.