Optoma Management Suite


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Optoma introduces a new display management solution. Manage interactive displays, projectors and LED displays from 1 platform.

Optoma Management Suite (OMS) is an intuitive solution to monitor, diagnose and control audiovisual displays over a local area network and wireless connectivity from one platform and location. OMS is the first management solution that is compatible with multiple display technologies, such as projection, interactive flat panels and LED displays, enabling easy integration of existing displays. Users can be given different levels of access and control so that devices are managed securely.

Multi-device compatibility

OMS allows advanced control of selected models across Optoma's display categories, including, LED display, Interactive flat panels and projection.

Peace of mind

Monitor, diagnose and control your audio visual displays from one single platform and location which eliminates the need to visit the site.

Track and analyse usage trends

Gain access to quick reports to track and analyse usage within your organisation. Make informed decisions about your ongoing AV infrastructure.

Real time monitoring and alerts

Real time monitoring and alerts

Ensure maintenance personnel can be notified immediately if problems occur. Our monitoring system operates 24/7, detecting adverse operating conditions to help prevent failures before they happen.



Images or text can be scheduled or broadcast immediately for emergency messages. Perfect for displaying timetables in a classroom or a customised welcome message in a business setting.