Roland AeroCaster Switcher


Wireless Video and Media Expansion for Your Roland Switcher

AeroCaster Switcher is a free iPad app that expands the production power of supported Roland A/V hardware with cable-free video connectivity over a wireless network. Connect your iPad to an HDMI input and switch wireless camera feeds from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as screen shares from computers and mobile devices. Use images from up to four wireless devices simultaneously, plus the camera on the host iPad. Roland’s advanced video technology is also included in the app, allowing you to add graphics, titles, video clips, photos, effects, and more to your feed.

Compatible with

  • Use your iPad to expand your Roland hardware with up to five simultaneous video sources
  • Supports wireless camera connections from up to four supported iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Wirelessly share screens from computers and mobile devices via the Google Chrome web browser
  • Use the camera on the host iPad as a fifth video source
  • Supports video resolution up to 1080p at 30 FPS over Wi-FiSave and recall 30 scenes with titles, graphics, or picture-in-picture windows
  • Switch between cameras and scenes with a variety of transition effects
  • Media pool for integrating videos, photos, and graphics from your iPad library

Enhance Your Productions with the Cameras Everyone Carries

AeroCaster Switcher lets you take advantage of the high-quality cameras in today’s smartphones and tablets and make anyone in the production crew a camera operator. Cut to unique handheld angles or use widely available mobile device mounts to grab up-close captures of hands-on presentations. The possibilities are endless!