JB Systems - moving heads


JBL launches 2 new moving heads, namely the EXPLORER SPOT and the INTRUDER.

The EXPLORER SPOT is a very compact but bright 120W LED moving head. It has a motorized focus controlled by DMX and a 3 facet rotating prism. This has multiple working modes, namely DMX control, standalone or Master/slave. Furthermore, it has a PowerCON-compatible input and 3p XLR connectors for DMX input and output. Thanks to its built-in programs, it provides surprising light shows, ideal for bars and DJs.

The INTRUDER is a powerful moving wash equipped with 7x40W RGBW LEDs. These are powered by 30W for excellent cooling and long lasting performance of the LEDs. Due to its quiet operation and built-in programs, a good light show is guaranteed. Just like the Explorer spot, this has multiple working modes, 3p XLR connectors for DMX input and output and is PowerCON compatible. Ideal for DJs, rentals and smaller theaters.