Universal Audio Interfaces


Universal Audio has been a big name in the studio world since 1958, and their 610 microphone preamplifier, designed by Bill Putnam Sr, is one of the references when it comes to high-end studio recordings. The 1176 and LA-2A compressors immediately ring a bell for anyone involved in audio, as they are the most commonly used compressors in the studio world.
Today, Universal Audio continues to innovate in the digital world with their world-famous plugins, audio interfaces and LUNA DAW.
From beginners to seasoned audio professionals, today everyone can enjoy audio recording and processing of the highest quality thanks to UA's offering in every price range. New in our range are the VOLT interfaces and studio packs that offer you great quality for a small price.
What is unique about these audio interfaces is that on each model you have an emulation of the famous 610 preamp on the microphone amplifier, so that your recordings sound exceptionally good without having to do any major editing afterwards. The '76' models also have a simplified 1176 compressor with 3 different presets so that you achieve the perfect dynamic balance right from the moment you record your tracks!

In addition, there is a promotion on the VOLT series with a reduced price and 11 free UAD plugins when purchasing and registering before December 31, 2023!


Studio Packs