Discover the redesigned Sonos Roam 2


sonos roam 2 bekafun.png

The compact, portable, wireless Roam has been updated. It's now the Roam 2.
It's a versatile all-in-one speaker, perfect for use on the go as a Bluetooth speaker and at home as a smart speaker.

How does the Roam 2 differ from the Roam?

It features improved Bluetooth control, is easier to set up, and includes automatic Trueplay. This means it adjusts the music playback automatically to suit the room, without requiring you to walk around with an iPhone or iPad.

In addition to white and black, there are three other colors available: Olive, Sunset Coral Red, and Wave (light blue).

With its IP67 water resistance rating, it's great for use by the pool this summer. Its robust housing also protects against sun, dirt, sand, and snow.

Its battery lasts up to 10 hours, making it convenient for use on the go. In short, it's top-notch in portability, and with the new colors, it's also fashionable.