Universal Utility Trunk 1135x748x787 mm with adjustable compartments and drawers


- Utility Trunk Case
- 1135x748x787 mm (outer dimensions)
- 1092x702mm inner dimensions. Inner height base : 496mm Inner height cover: 106mm
- 2 butterfly catches on front
- 2 Carry handle on front, back, left and right side (8 in total)
- 4 dishes on top
- Adjustable/removable storage compartments and 2 take out drawers
- Heavy duty 3.5" integral caster kit with brakes
- Weight: 71.4kg

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Road Ready rrut1 is een universele professionele kabel Flightcase met instelbare compartimenten

Gegevens Road Ready rrut1 :

Koffer voor opbergen benodigdheden
wegneembaar deksel aan bovenzijde
met instelbare compartimenten & lade
met wielen
afmetingen 113.5 cm x 75 cm x 76 cm

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