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  • Sushi-Z1 The world's most attractive DMX Controller

Sushi-Z1 The world's most attractive DMX Controller


- 128 channels for live use (expandable to 512 + Artnet)
- 12 channels for stand alone use (expandable to 512)
- one year licence Light Rider app (android & amazon)
- one year licence Daslight 4 software (windows & Mac)
- one year licence Sunlite Suite 2 software (windows)
- for life licence Easy Stand Alone 1 software (windows)
- for life licence Lumidesk express software (windows)

€ 108,05
€ 75,36
prijzen incl. taksen en BTW

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SUSHI-Z1 : The world’s most attractive DMX controller
Intelligent USB DMX interface with 128 channels and 3 cool software: Light Rider app (Android only, OTG cable not supplied), Sunlite Suite 2 (Windows only) and Daslight 4 (Mac + Windows). These 3 software come with a 1 year license. You can test, compare and choose the software that suits you the most. Channels and software are expandable with the Smart Upgrade Technology (SUT).

SUNLITE SUITE 2, Designed for theatre, live shows, sound to light, stage, events and clubs … Sunlite Suite sets the standard for professional DMX512 lighting control software.
DASLIGHT 4, Take your light show to a whole new level with the brand new DMX lighting software package from Daslight. This new generation of DMX software offers the ultimate design.
LIGHT RIDER (*), Push your light show to the next level. Light Rider app for Android lets you control your DMX lights without needing to program anything. Light Rider is essential for those who do not have time to spend hours programming scenes before a show.

  • Works only with an OTG usb cable and Android. (not iPad)

Caution : the one year licences start from the registration date and can not be re-activated a second time after a return/repair/resale.

Some FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use an iPad or iPhone ?
No, because the SUSHI does not have wireless, wifi or bluetooth connectivity. The SUSHI needs a computer or tablet with a USB port to communicate. It cannot connect via Apple Lightning port.

2. Can I use a $49 Amazon Fire tablet and Light Rider?
Yes, we would recommend using a USB OTG cable with Y splitter power cable. This type of cable allows you to continuously power the Amazon Fire while using the SUSHI even though the battery level does not increase.

3. Do you have software for Apple Mac?
Yes, Daslight 4 is available for Mac. You will need to use the included USB cable and download the software from www.dmxsoft.com. Sunlite Suite 2 and 3 are only available for Windows.

4. On what date does a 1 year software licence start?
For licences included with your product keycode, they start on the day of first registration. When buying new software licences, these will start on the day of purchase.
Caution: If you resell or give the package to somebody else, the included 1 year licences (Sunlite Suite 2, Daslight 4, Lightrider 1) cannot be restarted. The next owner will have whatever time remains on the 1 year licences, if any.

5. Can I control 512, 1024 or 2048 channels?
Yes. The SUSHI comes with 128 DMX channels. You can expand this to 512 channels by adding 3 × 128 channel packs for $29 each. To control more, you can connect multiple SUSHIs or you can purchase an Artnet licence for outputting to an Artnet node. Artnet universe licences cost $99 each.

6. Can I use the software on different computers and tablets?
Yes, the licences are registered inside the SUSHI hardware. This allows you to install the same software/app many times, on different computers or tablets.

7. Can I use future software and apps with my SUSHI?
Yes, as new software and apps become available (e.g. Daslight 5, Light Rider 2 etc), you will be able to purchase licences from the DmxSoft store.

8. Can I control any kind of DMX fixture?
Yes. With a library of more than 15,000 fixture profiles, you can patch any fixture. If an SSL profile does not exist, you can request that our team create it for you at www.dmxsoft.com/ssl.

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