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Admiral Staging essentials

Admiral biedt alles wat u nodig heeft op een stage zoals o.a. podiumpoten, rigging gear, kabels en kabelbruggen, maar ook heel wat karren om trussen, lichten, enz. te transporteren.

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A grid is a system of tubes mounted 90 degrees to each other. Two aluminum tubes of 50mm are fitted with a special clamp. This Admiral Staging clamp will help you build a stable grid with ease. This clamp is specially meant for mounting multibar onto a round tube.

adm-rigropk6Admiral Staging essentials
Grid multibar-slide bracket for tube 50 mm
Bracket for assembly slide profile onto gridtube 50mm
-2x bold M10 x 70mm
-1x press plate
-colour: black
-weight: 0.13 kg
Stock: 0€ 8,57€ 8,14 /100p

To mount materials, such as lifting brackets or flamco-rail to a tube or truss, a wire bracket is the best solution. The bracket will fit around a tube to a diameter of 51 mm and has a thread on both ends for a M8 nut.

adm-rigroph2Admiral Staging essentials
Grid U-wire bracket 51x 75mm M8 black
Grid U-wire bracket 51x 75mm M8 black
-colour: black
-max. diameter tube: 51 m
-weight: 0.035 kg
Stock: 0€ 2,21€ 2,10 /100p

The Admiral Grid bracket is a convenient and adjustable mounting bracket for hanging 50 mm grid tubes on the ceiling. The bracket can be hung on a threaded rod of M10. The threaded rod can "move" 80 mm in this bracket so that multiple brackets can be levelled in line.

adm-rigropc4Admiral Staging essentials
(10) Grid bracket 48/51mm tube WLL 40kg
Grid bracket 48/51mm tube WLL 40kg
-WLL 40 kg (bracket single use)
-WLL 100 kg (bracket double use)
-for M10 bolt/wire
-adjustment distance: 80 mm
-colour: black
-weight: 0.26 kg
Stock: 4€ 10,45€ 9,93 /100p


Using this bracket the tubes of a grid can be firmly mounted to the wall. This bracket serves for mounting a round tube (48 to 51mm in diameter) to the wall. The mounting plate has 3 holes to allow easy mounting to a wall. A wire bracket connects the grid tube to the bracket.

adm-rigropc6Admiral Staging essentials
Grid wall bracket 48/ 51mm
Grid wall bracket 48/ 51mm tube angle mounting
-suitable for: 48 - 51mm tube
-steel: 3 mm
-colour: black
-weight: 0.24 kg
-nuts and plate included
Stock: 0€ 19,55€ 18,57 /10p
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