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esi-mocoEgo Systems Int. - Soundcards
Passive Monitor Controller with 2 stereo I/O
2x mono balanced 1/4´ TRS input (input A)
2x mono unbalanced RCA input (input B)
1x stereo unbalanced 1/8´ mini jack input (input B)
2x mono balanced XLR output (output A)
2x mono balanced / unbalanced 1/4´ TRS output (output B)
1x stereo unbalanced 1/8´ mini jack output (output B)
selected high quality potentiometer for passive volume control
A/B input selection switch
L/R switch to swap
Stock: 0€ 95,59€ 75,00
pal-pmoniconPalmer - Audio Tools
MONICON - Passive Monitor Controller
MONICON - Passive Monitor Controller
Stock: 0€ 81,00€ 59,00
pal-pmoniconwPalmer - Audio Tools
MONICON W - Passive Monitor Controller white Limited Edition
With Palmer Monicon, your monitor volume is always under control. The passive mini-mixer with the oversized control is inserted between the stereo output of the notebook, PC or interface and an active monitor system and thus permits convenient and precise volume control of the monitors from the workstation. The passive circuitry with only a few components has absolutely no affect on the sound.
Stock: 0€ 83,00€ 59,00
pal-pmoniconlPalmer - Audio Tools
MONICON L - Passive Monitor Controller
MONICON L - Passive Monitor Controller
Stock: 0€ 228,00€ 159,00
adt-neroAudient - Studio Gear
Audient Nero - Desktop Monitor Controller
Building on over 20 years of expertise in analogue console heritage, Nero has been designed to give you powerful control over your monitoring. Featuring a comprehensive range of I/O, console style monitor control, Precision Matched Attenuation Technology and more... Nero will quickly become the core of your studio.
Stock: 0€ 519,09€ 429,00

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pre-monitorstation2Presonus - Studio Hard- & Software
Monitor Station 2
Desktop Studio Control Center with SPDIF input
Stock: 0€ 329,00€ 275,00
pre-centralstationplusPresonus - Studio Hard- & Software
Central Station Plus
Studio Control Center with Remote
Stock: 0€ 679,00€ 595,00
drw-cmc2Drawmer - Effects
CMC2 - Monitor Controller
The CMC2 is a compact monitor controller that has been designed to provide the same top quality audio, transparency and accuracy of Drawmer´s other monitor controllers, such as the MC2.1 and MC3.1, whilst retaining all the necessary features that the smaller project studio would require without the cost of the advanced features that would seldomly be used.
Stock: 0€ 324,28€ 249,00
drw-cmc3Drawmer - Effects
CMC3 - Monitor Controller
The CMC3 Compact Monitor Controller consolidates the feature sets of Drawmer´s 3 most popular monitor controllers: Whilst retaining the famed accurate, and transparent audio quality of the MC2.1, it has the precision and control of the MC3.1 and the low profile, compact design of the CMC2. It is equally at home in a serious home studio as in a professional recording facility.
Stock: 0€ 606,21
drw-mc11Drawmer - Effects
Monitor/Headphone Pre-Amp - Hi-Fi Crossover product, Ultra low noise and transpa
Monitor/Headphone Pre-Amp - Hi-Fi Crossover product. Ultra low noise and transparent circuit design. Linear power supply with low hum toroidal transformer and internal voltage selector switch. 3 Input Sources - Balanced XLR, MP3 Player 3.5mm Jack & Switchable Line/Phono (RIAA MM) RCA. Two switchable output stages, Balanced XLR and RCA. Mono Sub woofer output available simultaneous to balanced out
Stock: 0€ 521,51
drw-mc21Drawmer - Effects
MC2,1 - Monitor Controller
With the Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller incorporated into your system you combine the clarity, fidelity and transparency of the highest quality monitoring circuit with the complexity of a host of mix checking features. It is versatile and intuitive, but above everything else, where the Drawmer MC2.1 excels is in it’s accuracy and ability to faithfully reproduce what has been recorded.
Stock: 0€ 606,21
drw-mc31Drawmer - Effects
Studio Monitor Controller - Expanded feature set over the MC2,1, Full cue mix fa
Studio Monitor Controller - Expanded feature set over the MC2.1. Full cue mix facilities, adjustable volume presets on each output, a secondary preset volume control to give repeatable calibrated output, digital SPDIF input, 5 source selects in total, Low/Mid/High band solo, Individual Mono/Sub select, internal talkback mic with footswitch control, and External talkback Mic input are all new addi
Stock: 0€ 1015,19
spl-mtcSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
MTC - Monitor & Talkback Controller
The MTC combines volume level control, source switching and loudspeaker management for stereo monitoring with comfortable talkback and cue mixing functions. A fully analog design dispenses with VCAs, DACs, etc., providing loss-free signal processing. The I/O section includes six rear-panel stereo inputs (four balanced, two unbalanced sources), balanced XLR outputs for three loudspeaker pairs
spl-2controlSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
Speaker & headphone monitoring controller
The 2Control allows for connection of two sources, three speaker sets (2x stereo, 1x mono) and two headphones. Each headphone output is supplied by a separate amplifier to allow for completely independent operation of two headphones without any interaction from the other output. With the innovative crossfeed control, the 2Control allows to mix on cans.
Stock: 0€ 845,79€ 699,00
spl-volume2Sound Performance Labs - Dynamics
fully balanced dual channel analog volume control with Mute switch
The Volume 2 is a fully balanced dual channel analog volume control with Mute switch designed with active circuitry to circumvent inevitable disadvantages of passive circuitries that result in impedance variation and degraded linearity in frequency response.
Stock: 0€ 519,09€ 429,00
spl-expansionrackblackSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
Expansion Rack Black
Rack Mount with 1 x 4 Switch for Phonitor 2
Extends the Phonitor 2 with three more stereo speaker outputs
Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 88 x 300 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Colour: Black
Stock: 0€ 446,49€ 369,00
spl-expansionracksilverSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
Expansion Rack Silverspl-expansionracksilver
Stock: 0€ 446,49€ 369,00
spl-smcSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
SMC - Surround Monitor Controller
The SMC Surround Monitor Controller is an analog six channel monitoring controller with speaker management for 5.1 surround and stereo monitoring. The SMC has the best price performance ratio in the market for professional surround monitoring.
Stock: 0€ 966,79€ 799,00
spl-smc71blackSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
SMC 7,1 Black
The Surround Monitor Controller SMC 7.1 is an analog studio monitor controller for 7.1 and stereo sources.
Stock: 0€ 1995,29€ 1649,00
spl-smc71silverSound Performance Labs - Dynamics
SMC 7,1 Silverspl-smc71silver
Stock: 0€ 1995,29€ 1649,00
spl-volume8Sound Performance Labs - Dynamics
fully balanced and designed for volume control of surround formats
The Volume 8 is a fully balanced and designed for volume control of surround formats up to eight channels. The unit is designed with active circuitry to circumvent inevitable disadvantages of passive designs that result in impedance variation and therefore degraded linearity in frequency response.
Stock: 0€ 712,69€ 589,00

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MISSING: spl-mc16mmonitormblack

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