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EliAcoustic - Acoustic Decorative

EliAcoustic is een bedrijf gevestigd in Alicante (Spanje) dat decoratieve acoustische panelen ontwerpt en produceert.

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EliAcoustic Bass Trap Panelen worden gebruikt om een meer gedefinieerde klank te verkrijgen in de lage frequenties in home-studio's, home-cinema's, opnamestudio's, enzovoort.

eli-bt000100EliAcoustic - Acoustic Decorative
Bass Serenade First (2ud) price per2 M1 Euroclass F
Bass Serenade achieve greater sound absorption in low frequencies than traditional foam bass traps. Its geometric design is drawn for a thickness of 45.38 cm in the center of the panel. Considering that the greater thickness has a bass trap, lower frequencies will be able to absorb, we realize that we are dealing with an optimal design, in design and functionality, which is sure to become a bench
Stock: 0€ 109,95
eli-bt000101EliAcoustic - Acoustic Decorative
Bass Serenade Pure White (2ud) price per2 M1 Euroclass Feli-bt000101
Stock: 0€ 161,16
eli-bt000201EliAcoustic - Acoustic Decorative
Bass Serenade Premiere White (Ref 101) (2ud) price per2 M1 Euroclass Feli-bt000201
Stock: 0€ 194,56
eli-bt000300EliAcoustic - Acoustic Decorative
WaveTube Bass Trap First (2 Un/Box) price per2 M1 Euroclass Feli-bt000300
Stock: 0€ 69,57