XS-Series - Multi-Format Matrix Switchers designed for fixed installations

The Roland XS Series - the new line of Multi-Format Matrix Switchers designed for fixed installations requiring high-quality integrated video and audio conversion and switching. Version 2.0 introduces powerful new features for live events and enhanced audio matrixing. A single unit solution for total control of video and audio that is flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of classrooms, conference rooms, live presentations and events.

  • seamless switching
  • built-in PGM/PST mode for confident switching
  • scaling guide view feature
  • enhanced control of settings of PinP windows in multi-mode
  • stabilized video output when switching modes
  • matrix configuration for the audio mixer
  • expanded lock-out functions
  • support for maximum resolution of WUXGA and 1080p 8 digital inputs and 8 analog inputs 2, 3 or 4 outputs according to the application
  • accommodate HDMI/HD component/ RGB/ composite/ S-video and audio inputs
  • built–in scalers and video processor enable split-picture and compositing function
  • dissolve transition and PGM/PST mode in Version 2.0 is ideal for live events
  • 16ch stereo digital audio mixer with 8 HDMI inputs and 8 analog inputs
  • direct control via the iPad application XS-80 Remote