NIEUW! Nono Light RGB Laser DMX 3000


The Nono Light - RGB Laser DMX 3000 is a full color show laser with which you can create beautiful light shows. With its power of 3 watts, this laser can produce intense and bright beams.

In addition to classic control from a light controller via DMX or a computer via ILDA, you can also play shows directly from an SD card.

Due to its compact housing you can mount it in many locations and for the mobile DJ it comes standard with an ABS case for extra safety during transport.


The power of 3 watts is spread over 650mW red, 800mW green and 1500mW blue. By combining these three colors, different colors can be created including white.

Fast laser unit

Thanks to the 40kpps scanner at a scan angle of 8°, it can handle animations without any problems. It provides it with a stable beam of 2.5 * 6mm and a beam divergence of less than 1.2 mRad. The shank angle can be increased to 60°.


The laser can be used in different ways. There is an automatic mode that plays internal programming, which can also play to the rhythm of the music through the built-in microphone.

With DMX and ILDA you decide what the laser does. With 18 channels of DMX you have precise control over the laser, if you prefer to use software then you can easily display cues, text, animations and your own figures from Quickshow with an FB3 ILDA interface.

Via the microSD card slot you can create your own figures and playlists to display on the laser. There are several ways to display it.


This powerful class 4 laser is equipped with all necessary safety devices for correct use. Key for activating the laser unit, interlock connections for an emergency stop, emission delay, magnetic lock, scan error protection and a cover plate.

The housing is IP54 weatherproof.

This is a class 4 laser. These are dangerous for eye exposure. They must be used with due care and safety and by professionals. Read the instructions in the manual.