Optoma creative touch 3 serie


The Optoma Touch displays are used by companies or education.
- The touch 3 series has both front and rear connections.
- There is an HDMI and a USB connection at the front.
- A wireless connection is possible via Creativecast Pro, you can send content to up to 4 users from their Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome or Android device.
- Cloud Whiteboard
- Google Classroom
- OPS slot for an additional PC


Hybrid Learning – Teach beyond the classroom
Teach in real-time, no matter the location of the student.
Optoma’s Creative Touch interactive displays are perfectly suited to the ever-changing needs of educational environments. Designed to support distance learning, students can work together in real time from home, in the classroom or anywhere, maximizing engagement in remote and hybrid learning environments. With the ability to connect to webcams and other visualisers along with Optoma’s unique software, the Creative Touch interactive displays provide the ultimate collaboration solution for education.


Google Classroom & Single-sign-on (SSO) support.
Teachers can easily create and import lesson materials anywhere. With Single-sign-on (SSO), you can quickly sync with Google Classroom bringing the benefits of paperless sharing and digital collaboration to the classroom. Teachers can now work on their lesson plans from home, and instantly bring them to any classroom.

Specifications Optoma 3 serie

Whiteboard: Creative board
Google Classroom w/SSO
Optoma File manager
Wireless Casting
Dual-app mode & Multi windows Mode
kijkhoek 178°
Brightness 400cd/M²
Contrast 5000:1
Response time 6ms
Up to 40 touch points
Android 11
Quad core a55
Dual cord A52
Ram 4Gb
Rom 32Gb