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  • MV12 van NEXT AUDIOCOM: Compacte 12" actieve Bluetooth speaker

MV12 van NEXT AUDIOCOM: Compacte 12" actieve Bluetooth speaker


The MV12 is 12” active BT speaker that offers you a high performance, extreme versatility, ultra-compact dimensions, and light weight allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications. A 1100W convection-cooled power amplifier module precisely matches the specifications of the speaker transducers. The performance is improved selecting one of the 5 available presets, which are programmed in the internal DSP. Its two microphone or line inputs and the BT connection are all you need to start your event and enjoy the excellent sound quality.

- Instrument Input
The Instrument input allows you to connect your musical instrument directly on the device.

- Stage Monitor
You can use the speaker as a stage monitor with ease, laying it down, on the floor, on its horizontal position.

- RCA Input
RCA is one of the most widely used connector worldwide and you can use it thanks to the RCA input on the connections panel of your device.

- Dedicated Presets
The integrated DSP allows you to have dedicated presets for different situations. You just need to select which one is the most convenient for your application.

- Microphone Input
The MIC input allows you to connect your microphone directly on the device.

- Extended Compatibility
Wireless compatibility with your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, TV, Game Console and many other devices.