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School group opts for Legamaster ETX touch monitor


Touch screen in a classroom:

nteractive Learning: A touchscreen enables teachers and students to engage in interactive learning. Teachers can use digital content and educational apps to make course material more engaging. Students can actively participate by drawing, writing, and engaging in quizzes and discussions.

Enhances Engagement: Touchscreens make lessons more captivating and dynamic, increasing student engagement. The ability to touch and manipulate content can hold students' attention and foster greater interest in learning.

Access to Digital Resources: With a touchscreen, teachers have access to a wide range of digital learning resources, including interactive graphs, videos, simulations, and online encyclopedias. This allows for enriching course material and tailoring it to students' needs.

Flexibility: Touchscreens are versatile and can be used for various subjects and age groups. They can be customized for specific educational goals and employed for different types of activities, from slide presentations to collaborative projects.

Efficiency: With a touchscreen, teachers can quickly and easily share and modify content. This can enhance teaching efficiency and reduce preparation time.

Inclusivity: Touchscreens can also be beneficial for students with special needs. They offer features such as zoom options and speech recognition that make learning accessible to all students

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Legamaster VERSATILE e-Screen ES side panel

High quality double sided whiteboard
Scratch resistant enamel steel surface
Magnetic surface
Suitable for writing on with dry wipe board markers
Easy mounting
Aluminium frame
25 year guarantee on the perfect writability and wipeability of the board surface when using Legamaster accessories


Legamaster is a Dutch company specializing in visual communication solutions and presentation materials. The company is known for its extensive range of whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, chalkboards, flip charts, presentation accessories, and other products used in professional, educational, and training environments.