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Audio Skybar Van der Valk hotel - Moose Sound


New sound system in the sky bar of hotel Van Der Valk

Van der Valk hotel chooses Moose sound in their sky bar. The installation must sound perfect at both low and high volumes. Moose a European manufacturer is the perfect choice to meet their needs.

Moose sound

MOOSE sound is a registered European brand, 100% developed and manufactured in Europe (Portugal). Being on the market for 25 years manufacturing Audio & Lighting professional equipment and taking advantage of all the experience and know how acquired over the years, we decided to push things further and develop a new professional audio products range – Moose Sound.

All Moose Sound products are developed and manufactured “in site”, built and assembled with European components and parts exclusively offering its customers reliable, cost-effective systems featuring elegant design and rugged construction, truly providing “turnkey” solutions.

A thirst for innovation and changing the game has been our “raison d’être” from the word go four years ago, created on the principle of fearlessness, willing to “go the extra mile” to offer cost-effective European products, developed and assembled in Europe, helping our customers achieve their objectives.

Moose I8 Passive installation speakers

Moose ib15 passive subwoofer

Audio installation

Determining the ideal sound system for a hospitality venue requires attention to several factors, including the size of the space, the type of establishment, the target audience, the genre of music you want to play, and local regulations regarding sound levels. Here are some steps to follow to determine the right sound system for your venue:

1. Determine the size and layout of the space:
Measure the dimensions of the space and identify different sections, such as the bar, dining area, dance floor, etc.
Consider whether you can divide the sound system into zones to better manage the sound.
2. Know your target audience:
Understand the audience you want to attract. Different groups have different expectations regarding music and sound levels.
3. Determine the type of music:
Choose a sound system that is suitable for the genre of music you want to play. For example, electronic music often requires a more powerful system than background music for dining guests.
4. Comply with local regulations:
Ensure that you are aware of local rules and regulations regarding sound levels. Exceeding allowed limits can result in fines and licensing issues.
5. Opt for quality equipment:
Invest in high-quality speakers, amplifiers, and other audio components. The quality of the sound system affects the overall experience for your guests.
6. Consider the acoustics:
Think about the acoustics of the space when choosing the sound system. Sometimes it may be necessary to add acoustic treatments to reduce echoes and unwanted reflections.
7. Install a sound management system:
Consider implementing a sound management system that allows you to adjust the volume in different parts of the space.
8. Conduct installation tests:
Perform tests with different music genres and volumes to ensure that the sound system meets your expectations.
9. Maintenance and regular checks:
Keep the sound system in good condition through regular maintenance and checks.
10. Seek professional advice:
Consult with a professional sound engineer or audio technician for personalized advice, especially if you have a more complex system.
By following these steps, you can choose a sound system that fits the needs and atmosphere of your hospitality venue. It's important to create a balanced and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.