Chamsys GeNetix


Genetix Series

On the wall or in the rig, GeNetix simplifies data distribution with a complete range of Nodes, Gateways, Switches and PoE devices. Branch out with these adaptable extensions of our growing family of intuitive networking devices.


GeNetix Nodes support Art-Net, sACN, RDM and are fully configurable from ChamSys consoles via its in-built web server or via the display on the unit. When connected to PC Systems via USB, GeNetix Nodes unlock MagicQ PC Systems in Full Unlocked Mode(GN10/GN5) or reduced mode (GN2).

GN10 and GN5 have LTC and MIDI ports providing both Timecode and MIDI notes input/output to MagicQ systems over ChamNet as well as supporting Art-Net timecode compatible with any system supporting this, making them ideal for applications where the Timecode or MIDI source is away from the console. The DMX ports are fully configurable, allowing for use as DMX Input or Output and configuration of DMX timings. With two network ports they can be either PoE or Mains powered, via its powerCON TRUE1 line input. These versatile devices are at home in many different environments as a standalone interfaces, truss-mounted in the rig or rack mounted via rack ears.


GeNetix Switch 8 is an eight-port unmanaged Gigabit PoE network switch that provides a total output of up to 200W of Power over Ethernet across its 8 ports. Ports 1-4 support IEEE 802.3bt up to 100W per port. In modes A & B, all ports support 802.3af and 802.3at standards. This rack mountable switch features a rear PowerCon True1 Mains input connector and is also truss mountable.

GeNetix Switch 5IP is a five-port IP65-rated unmanaged Gigabit network switch that can be powered either via PoE or via Mains power to its PowerCon True1 Mains Input connector. This compact and rugged all-weather device comes with multiple rigging options for easily mounting in your rig. Port Status LEDs provide visual indication to know if ports are connected/active and if running at Gigabit speed.

Wall mount nodes

10Scene Control panel