Chamsys MagicQ Stadium Connect


Chamsys presents their new MagicQ Stadium Connect programming interface!

The MagicQ Stadium Connect is a programming interface that you use in combination with your PC and has the same keyset and double crossfaders as the MQ250M and MQ500M. You can control up to 64 universes directly from the wing and up to 256 pre-vis universes to program. The MagicQ Stadium Connect is the ultimate solution to have complete control on-the-go. With 10 backlit motorized faders and 10 backlit playback encoders with executors, you have more than enough programmable buttons for your show.


  • 10 fully motorized fader playbacks
  • 10 encoder playbacks
  • RGB lighting on the playbacks
  • illuminated buttons
  • 64 universes directly from MagicQ for Artnet/sACN output
  • 256 visualization universes to program
  • the network port works as network interface for PC
  • dual 100mm manual crossfader
  • 2 dedicated high power USBs to charge phones/tablets

MagicQ Stadium Software

In addition to its extensive light control feature set, the MagicQ Stadium Software has a built-in timeline editor, a multi emitter color picker, 3D trackers support and plot.