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Repair service Bekafun

Bekafun has its own in-house repair service. The spacious workshop is located above the warehouse, together with the warehouse for parts for repairs.

Do you have a device that is defective? Then bring it to us. We will check whether it is still under warranty and do the necessary. Or it will be repaired in-house. If necessary, we send the device to the manufacturer.

Is your device no longer covered by warranty? Then you can have your device repaired by us for a fee. An estimate of the costs is made by our experts. If the repair is too expensive compared to the value of the device, this will always be communicated. The term of repairs depends on various factors; Does it have to be returned to the manufacturer, yes or no, or can we do it ourselves, but parts have to be ordered, how much work does our technicians have... Naturally, we do our best to do this as quickly as possible.

After you have brought the device in, you can track its status on our website under your login. When the device is ready, you will receive an email from us so that you can pick up the device.