Vintage luminaire diameter 38 cm

A new Admiral Staging fixture with a vintage look – because retro chic is absolutely en vogue!

You can use these decoration fixtures for your TV shows, theatre productions or for live bands to create a specific atmosphere. These lights are for decorative purposes and as such they are not meant to provide light.

The fixture has a golden reflector finish and two concentric black metal rings to provide that vintage spotlight look. 

This decorative light can have a globe diameter of 38 cm or 53 cm. It's possible to attach one or two brackets for different purposes. Do you want to attach it to a stand or hang it onto a freedom drop arm? Then just assemble one bracket. Do you want the spot light as a stand-alone fixture? Then assemble two brackets to place it on the floor. Even interlinking several luminaires can be done with the two bracket option. How cool is that?


Naturally, a vintage luminaire has a vintage tripod. This tripod, with a hardwood base, fits perfectly with these fixtures. The tripod is designed to be used in the rental. The metal top has a sturdy M10 bolt with wing nut for fast assembly of the luminaire.

With this set you can raise the vintage tripod from about 95 cm to 155 cm. The extra leg can be mounted on the existing tripod leg by means of two lock bolts. This way you can achieve multiple tripod heights with one tripod.

Vintage luminaire tripod extension set
Vintage luminaire tripod extension set
-3x leg meranti 45 x 19 mm unpainted
-mounting bolts and wingnuts
-weight: 1.85 kg
€ 82,43
prijzen incl. taksen en BTW
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78,30 €
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