Nicolaudie Architectural Dina-DR1


Designed for din-rail mounting, the DR1 is a strong and durable solution for fixed lighting installations. Up to 6 universes can be controlled over several protocols : DMX 512, Art-Net or SACN, LED Pixel, DALI. Multiple controllers can be connected and synchronised for large-scale lighting installation.

Built on the NSA (New Stand Alone) engine, the DR1 offers multi-zone show control as well as advanced and flexible triggering and integration possibilities: Time, Audio, Ports, RS232, TCP, DALI...

Programmable with ESA Pro 2

ESA Pro 2 is Nicolaudie's latest generation of programming software. Available for Mac and Windows, this is the perfect complement to the DINA-DR1 controller: pixel mapping, triggering management, patch configuration, everything is available with a few mouse clics. The only limit is your imagination.

New Stand Alone Engine

The new Nicolaudie Architectural engine (NSA) offers great possibilities for the control of your lighting installation: multi-zone, extended triggers, multiple output protocols, 16-bit channels management, full recovery after power lose, and more...

Extended triggering possibilities

Triggers are very important for lighting control. The DINA-DR1 offers multiple possibilities to trigger your lighting scenes: time/date, input ports, RS232, TCP/UDP commands, DALI...
In combination with ESA Pro 2 software the DR1 offers a lot more than just assigning a trigger to a scene. Each trigger is made of an event and conditions. The programmer can define a specific conditional procedure for each trigger to perfectly fit the most demanding lighting installations.

Multiple output protocols

A total of 3072 channels (1024 RGB or 768 RGBW devices) can be individually controlled by the DINA-DR1. If most of the installations will use the 6 DMX outputs, it is also possible to drive the 3072 channels over different protocols and connectors: eDMX (Art-Net, SACN) through the RJ45 connector or LED Pixel (2 output connections).

The DINA-DR1 is now capable of outputting ArtNet or sACN universes through its RJ45 connector to double its channels capacity. The controller still comes with 6 universes but we can now add up to 6 more of eDMX.


Several DINA-DR1 lighting controllers can be linked together on a standard local network to extend the number of channels (e.g. 4 linked DINA-DR1 would make it possible to control 4x3072=12288 channels and so on...).