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Optoma Creative touch displays for businesses



Choose a touch display for your meeting room or huddle room now. We have purchased in bulk to be able to offer you a competitive price. So sharp that the price is almost equal to a classic display.

Contact us for a customized project quote or demo. Placement and installation by our technicians is possible


With the pen or your fingers you can make everything clear in the digital whiteboard or place annotations on top of your presentation or other documents. You can easily open this from a USB stick or from the cloud via Google Drive and OneDrive.


Connect your PC, tablet or smartphone wirelessly via the TapCast app and share your screen, photos and videos.
With “Screen Recording” you can easily make a recording of your meeting to share with colleagues afterwards.

Do you want more?

Do you want more?

Expand the possibilities of your display with an integrable PC. This way you use Windows applications in a familiar environment. Do you prefer to use your own PC? Then you simply connect it via HDMI for video and USB for touch.

Choose the "5 Series"

Choose the "5 Series"

This series offers the above functions with on top of that:
- Work faster and a better writing experience
- Share content with displays in other locations
- An extensive whiteboard for total creativity
- Remote management of displays by your IT department
- Super sharp Android interface in 4K Ultra HD

Creative 3

Creative 5