NEW: Sparkular 2



Sparkular fire fountains are available from Bekafun. The Sparkular special effects are extremely suitable for your event or TV production. Sparkular can be used indoors, there is no fire hazard.

From now on in our range: sparkular 2. The updated version is now splash-proof and can give effect up to 6m high. In addition, it also makes less noise, and has real-time motor status monitoring that will ensure less jamming and safer firing. The 3.2" color LCD screen with touchscreen makes it a more user-friendly device.

Sparkular is a brand for a specific type of pyrotechnic effects device used in stage shows, events, concerts, and other entertainment purposes. Instead of using traditional fireworks, Sparkular utilizes a special "cold" technology to create sparks and fire effects without using traditional firework powder.

Sparkular systems work by heating granules or grains that produce sparks, which are then propelled into the air. The remarkable aspect of Sparkular is that it does not produce open flames, making it safer to use indoors than traditional fireworks.

The height, intensity, and duration of the sparks can be adjusted and controlled using a DMX controller or other control devices. This allows lighting designers and technicians to create precise effects synchronized with music or other visual elements.

Sparkular has the advantage of being less hazardous than traditional fireworks, not producing smoke, odor, or ashes, and it can be used indoors without the safety risks of traditional fireworks. Due to these features, Sparkular is often used in theaters, clubs, concerts, weddings, and other events where sparkling fire effects are desired.

Now also available again in a convenient set of 4 with flight case!