Optoma Creative 5+


Optoma's interactive displays are designed to seamlessly meet the needs of teachers and students. By listening to teachers and gathering customer feedback, Optoma creates solutions that remove the challenging barriers teachers face today. The result; intuitive, easy-to-use software that works in harmony with the way you teach.

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Create and connect effortlessly with CREATIVE BOARD

Create and connect effortlessly with CREATIVE BOARD

Sharing creative materials is easy thanks to built-in annotation tools that facilitate classroom collaboration.

Designed for hybrid working - Creative Board brings smart collaboration and connectivity features to every classroom.

Work at the same time. Multiple teams or individuals can collaborate in real time from two separate locations.

Creative Board is optimized for Google Classroom integration, bringing you instantly closer to your learning materials, allowing your infinite canvas to grow with you.

Ultra-versatile Quick Launch Pen made for teachers

Ultra-versatile Quick Launch Pen made for teachers

Start any lesson in seconds.

Simply remove the pen from the holder and the Creative Board app or annotation mode will launch automatically. For ultimate convenience, teachers can customize the pen's functionality to meet their daily needs.

The Quick Start Pen features a dual tip, allowing teachers to switch between annotating and highlighting in virtually any color for easy lesson delivery.

Floating Toolbar

Floating Toolbar

Our floating toolbar makes learning smoother.

Change tools at the touch of a button.

Easily move and position the toolbar anywhere on the infinite canvas. Instantly select tools like an eraser, ruler and highlighter, change colors or import images to enhance any lesson.

Cloud Whiteboard

Sync with your cloud accounts to plan your lessons anytime, anywhere. Because Creative Board is a cloud-based platform, you can access your learning materials from any Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series IFPD in your school.

Collaborate in the cloud at different locations.

Teachers can easily create and import teaching materials anywhere. Your Optoma display integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom, bringing the benefits of paperless sharing and digital collaboration to the classroom. Teachers can now work on their lesson plans from home and bring them directly to any classroom.

Connect when and where you want

Teachers can rest assured that their IT managers can support them remotely using Optoma's Management Suite (OMS)™ solution. IT managers can monitor and diagnose issues with any Optoma AV display, so teachers aren't left in the dark. Teachers can also set alerts and broadcast emergency announcements.