Led Strip


A LED strip is a flexible circuit board on which light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are mounted. These strips are designed to provide lighting in various applications. The LEDs on the strip can have different colors such as white, red, green, blue, or even multiple colors in a single LED (RGB). Here are some features and applications of LED strips:


Flexibility: LED strips are flexible and bendable, allowing them to adapt to different shapes and surfaces.

Length: They are available in different lengths, ranging from a few centimeters to several meters.

Color Options: LED strips come in different colors and color temperatures, making them suitable for various lighting applications.

Self-Adhesive: Many LED strips have a self-adhesive back, making them easy to attach to surfaces.

Dimmability: Some LED strips are dimmable, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the light to their preference.

RGB Function: RGB LED strips can produce different colors by adjusting the intensity of the red, green, and blue LEDs. This allows users to create a wide range of colors.


Accent Lighting: LED strips are often used to highlight specific elements in a space, such as under cabinets, along stair steps, or around furniture.

Ambient Lighting: Due to their flexibility and color options, LED strips are ideal for creating ambient lighting in spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, or outdoor areas.

Decorative Applications: LED strips are used for decorative purposes, such as lighting up parties, events, storefronts, etc.

Architectural Lighting: They are also applied in architectural lighting, marking the contours of buildings or bridges, for example.

Home or Office Lighting: LED strips can serve as primary or supplementary lighting in living spaces, kitchens, offices, and other environments.

Cob led strip - Bekaled

A COB (Chip-on-Board) LED strip is a specific type of LED strip where LED chips are directly mounted onto a single printed circuit board, without using individual LED components. Instead of having individual LEDs, a single COB LED chip is used. COB technology refers to the process where multiple LED chips are placed on a compact substrate.

Here are some features of COB LED strips:

Compactness: COB LED strips have a compact design as the LED chips are closely placed on the same printed circuit board, resulting in higher light density.

High Brightness: Due to the high density of LED chips on a COB LED strip, they can produce bright and intense light.

Uniformity: COB LED strips tend to emit more uniform light compared to some traditional LED strips, reducing shadows.

Efficiency: COB LEDs often have good energy efficiency, allowing them to produce bright light with reduced energy consumption.

Heat Dissipation: COB LED strips can be more efficient in heat dissipation than some other LED technologies, contributing to the lifespan of the LEDs.

Fewer Visible Light Sources: Since the LED chips are closely placed, there are fewer visible individual light points, resulting in a more uniform appearance.

Led strip 24v Bekaled

A "LED strip 24V" refers to a type of LED strip that operates on a voltage of 24 volts. LED strips are available in various voltage options, and 24V is one of the common choices. Here are some key points regarding a 24V LED strip:

Voltage: The designation "24V" indicates the operating voltage of the LED strip. In this case, the LED strip requires a power supply or driver that provides a constant voltage of 24 volts for proper functioning.

Brightness and Efficiency: In general, a higher voltage like 24V allows for longer LED strip lengths without significant voltage drop. This can be beneficial for applications where longer continuous runs of LED strips are needed. The 24V LED strips can offer better brightness and efficiency compared to lower voltage options.

Power Supply: When using a 24V LED strip, it's essential to use a compatible 24V power supply or driver. The power supply transforms the standard household voltage (typically 120V or 240V AC) to the required 24V DC for the LED strip.

Applications: LED strips with a 24V operating voltage are often used in various applications, including architectural lighting, accent lighting, signage, and other projects where a longer continuous run of LEDs is desired.

Installation: When installing a 24V LED strip, it's important to follow the manufacturer

Ledstrip 24v, 70w/5m, RGB
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Ledstrip 24v, 70w/5m, RGB
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Ledstrip 24v, 85w/5m, RGB+W
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Ledstrip 24v, 85w/5m, RGB+W
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- IP 20
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