Nono Light WW120RGBWA


New in the Nono Light range, the Nono Light WW120RGBWA, an 18x15 IP65 LED Bar!

'No Nonsense, just quality' is Nono Light's motto and they prove it again with their latest RGBWA LED Bars.
They are IP65 rated for outdoor use, have 18x15W RGBWA LEDs on board that can be controlled separately via DMX with a spread of 15°, are supplied with two modular brackets (1 for floor mounting and 1 for truss mounting) and are also completely silent (no fan in the device). They work via DMX (max 92 channels), standalone or to music.

And then the best is yet to come because these cost only €299 per piece incl VAT or in a set of 8 in a professional flight case for €2499!
Of course, the flight case is also available separately.

These are now in demo in our showroom!