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Pioneer Xdj-Xz or Pioneer Opus-Quad or Denon Prime 4+ - Dj controller


We are asked every day:

What is the difference between a Pioneer Xdj-xz, a Pioneer Opus Quad and a Denon Prime4+?

We put the three players side by side, view their specifications.

Bekafun is completely impartial, we are both Pioneer and Denon dealers.

View the pros and cons and decide for yourself which controller suits you best.

View the pros and cons and decide for yourself which stand-alone DJ controller suits you best.

What is a standalone DJ controller?

A stand-alone DJ controller is a device specifically designed for DJing, capable of functioning independently without the need for an external computer. Unlike traditional DJ setups that involve a computer running DJ software, a stand-alone DJ controller integrates both the necessary hardware and software within a single device.

Typically, these controllers feature a built-in mixer, jog wheels or turntables for track control, and a display for viewing track information and performing other functions. Stand-alone controllers can be used with USB sticks, SD cards, or other storage media to play music directly from the device, eliminating the need for an external computer.

The advantage of stand-alone DJ controllers lies in their portability and reduced dependence on external equipment. DJs can easily transport them to gigs and events without the requirement of a full DJ booth with a computer. This makes them convenient for mobile DJs and situations where a compact and self-contained setup is needed.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ

The Pioneer XDJ-XZ is a professional DJ controller designed for use with DJ software such as Rekordbox DJ or Serato DJ. The device has four channels for mixing digital music and can be connected to a computer or laptop via USB.

The XDJ-XZ has a number of useful features, such as a built-in audio interface for connecting microphones or other audio equipment, a number of effects that can be added to the music during mixing, and a loop function for repeating specific tracks. The device also has a number of knobs and faders for equalizing and mixing the music.

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad

The OPUS-QUAD introduces a completely new approach to DJ equipment, harmoniously combining design and playability. The device makes playing music more elegant and the space filled by the music larger. This way the audience enjoys a completely new experience.

Thanks to its matte black finish and earth-colored slots at the front and sides, the device fits perfectly into any environment. The whole device has a 5-degree slope and the front is rounded, which makes it more comfortable to rest your hands on it. The waves and texture on the outside and top of the jogs not only provide an aesthetic touch but also provide more grip. The colors of the lighting on the jog rings match the adjustable colors that you assign to your decks so that you always know which deck is playing. All this ensures that you can play comfortably and give your best to inspire your audience.

The OPUS-QUAD offers standalone playback on 4 decks for versatile DJ performances. This means you can play 4 songs simultaneously on 4 different decks, prepare the songs in advance or keep one deck free to drop request songs straight into your set, all with a single device. You can also give each deck a different color. This color is also reflected in the lighting of the jog rings, so that you always know exactly which deck you are playing with.

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad - DJ Controller
Pioneer DJ Gear
Pioneer DJ Opus Quad - DJ Controller
• 4 USB inputs for all of your media sources – including a USB Type-C port to link a device, a laptop to run your DJ software, or even a phone, plus a USB Type A port on the back panel to link an SSD drive and 2x standard USB Type-A ports
• Bluetooth + WiFi pairing – In case you need to drop in a track you couldn’t get on your USB in time: you can link your phone via Bluetooth now directly to the hardware. You can also connect your phone over WiFi to play tracks, or use rekordbox’s CloudDirectPlay
• 10.1″ touchscreen + new UI for faster crate digging – pick your tracks quickly using the keyboard or the Playlist Bank, preview your songs while you’re searching, and use the new Smart Rotary selector feature to navigate with left/right, up/down, rotation, and push control functions.
• The deck layout is dramatically different – with a display and 8 Hot Cues placed above each of the two full-sized jog wheels.
• Smart Cue – a new feature added so that you can overwrite a cue position with your recalled Hot Cues
• Play two things at once with Zone Output – if you’re looking to push sound into different spaces at once, you can use the OPUS to play a separate track via the Zone Output than the master. This is a wedding/event DJ feature that most users won’t need, but really rounds out the offering for the mobile DJs out there.
• Beat FX controls with the XY-Pad – customize your effects as easily as one finger on the XY-pad: the Beat FX parameters are controlled on the X axis, and the filter’s cut-off frequency is on the Y axis. Smooth Echo and Sound Color FX are also at your disposal here.
• Compatible with rekordbox Performance mode and Serato DJ Pro
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Denon DJ Prime 4+

Designed for the professional DJ
Made by DJs for DJs. The Prime 4+ combines the powerful, creative capabilities of 4 standalone decks with unprecedented professional features and ultra-sturdy build quality to ensure you can perform night after night without a hitch. The 2 independent microphone inputs ensure that you and your MC or guests always sound your best thanks to the dedicated EQ, volume and effects controls and automatic talkover options. While you're bringing the party to the dance floor, you can also send a second mix or playlist to a separate lounge or reception zone using the independent Zone Output, which significantly increases your flexibility and added value as a professional DJ!