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We compare our three best-selling DJ headphones. The Technics EAH-DJ1200, Sennheiser HD25 and the Pioneer Hdj-Cue1.

Did you know that you can come and test the DJ headphones in the showroom? In addition to these 3 headphones, we have a wide range of DJ and studio headphones. Come to the showroom and discover which headphones suit you best.

Technics EAH-DJ1200

The Technics EAH-DJ1200 is for us the best of the test. It's an on-ear DJ headphone that has been around in the DJ world for a long time and is a favorite of many DJs. It is equipped with a 40mm driver that can reproduce low bass frequencies down to 8Hz, with high volume efficiency allowing you to easily surpass monitors.


  • High sound quality and good volume.
  • Comfortable ear cushions and rotating ear cups.
  • Straight and curled cable included.


  • Heavier than its competitors.

Sennheiser HD25

The Sennheiser HD25 is a very popular and iconic headphone that is often used in music production, DJing and broadcast environments. It is lightweight with a flexible and durable design. The balanced audio reproduction makes it suitable for many people. Parts such as ear cushions, cables and headbands can be easily replaced.


  • Very light, flexible and comfortable.
  • Very high volume for loud environments.
  • Parts easy to replace and available for a long time.


  • Limited in bass frequencies

Pioneer HDJ-Cue1

HDJ-CUE1 from Pioneer DJ is the challenger in this headphone segment. These DJ headphones have the same looks of their professional models but are available at a much more modest price. It has a low bass range and is solidly built, making it a very suitable headphone for beginners.


  • Low bass reproduction
  • Sturdy construction and comfortable
  • A very competitive price


  • Lowest in volume compared to its competitors.
  • Shorter cable and no curled cable included as an alternative.

What are the properties of a good DJ Headphones?

The characteristics of a good DJ headphone encompass several important aspects for professional use. Here are some features to consider when choosing a DJ headphone:

Sound Quality: The sound quality should be clear and precise, with a balanced mix of bass, midrange, and treble. This allows the DJ to hear and adjust the mix effectively.

Closed Design: DJ headphones typically have a closed design to isolate ambient noise and prevent sound leakage. This is particularly important in loud environments like clubs.

Rotatable Ear Cups: Rotatable ear cups make it easier for the DJ to free one ear while covering the other during mixing. This is useful for cueing and monitoring while sharing the music with the audience.

Durability: DJ headphones should be robust and durable as they are often used in challenging conditions, especially in lively clubs.

Comfortable Design: Since DJs often wear their headphones for extended periods, comfort is essential. Soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband contribute to comfort.

Foldable or Collapsible Design: A foldable design makes it easy to store and transport the headphones, which is convenient for DJs frequently on the move.

Detachable Cable: A detachable cable is convenient as it is easier to replace if damaged. Some models also offer the option to replace ear cushions.

Sensitivity and Impedance: DJ headphones with lower sensitivity and higher impedance may better withstand high volumes without distortion. This is important in noisy environments.

Large Drivers: Larger drivers can deliver more powerful sound, which can be advantageous in loud environments.