Optoma N reeks pro display


Handle on both sides.

Handle on both sides.

On all models (except the 55" model N3551K), there is a sturdy handle on both sides, making it easy to hang the screen and reducing the risk of damage to the display when unpacking from the box.

Aluminum frame

Aluminum frame

The N-series does not have a traditional plastic bezel around the screen but rather an unobtrusive aluminum frame, allowing these screens to withstand more impact than many other displays within this segment.

Built-in media player.

Built-in media player.

With the built-in media player, you can easily create playlists of photos and videos. Files can be stored locally on the display. Using a QR code, you can easily copy files from your smartphone over the network.

You can schedule playlists to play at fixed times or set them to start automatically when the display is turned on.

Tip! You can also customize the startup logo with your own logo or animation.

Suitable for the office

The N-series is not only perfect for signage solutions but also as a display in a meeting room or office. With pre-installed apps, you can easily screen-share over the network from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With Creative Board, you can use the touch on your tablet to turn this screen into a whiteboard. The office apps ensure that you can open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents even from a cloud service such as OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Other features

- Haze of 25% (matte glass plate), for a perfect view even in very luminated places.
- Edge is thin and has no logo (brand).
- Menu/settings can be locked for the user.
- When playing the playlist, the name of the file or a timeline is not displayed.
- Horizontal and vertical installation.
- HDMI daisy chaining, no matrix required.
- You can block buttons and turn off the power LED.
- Automatic start-up with any source, but also with the browser (ideal for digital signage/narrowcasting)
- Video wall function (max 5x5 horizontal and also vertical)
- All displays are suitable for 24/7
- Remote control/monitoring with free software with enormous possibilities (Optoma management Suite)




Creative Board