RCF Art 7 mk5 in stock


RCF started 30 years ago with the ambition to make good-sounding, affordable lightweight loudspeakers available to a large audience. In the meantime they are on their 5th series of ART 7 speakers. We have been convinced of this series for a long time and we also have this new version in stock as standard and you can listen to it in a demo.

What's new?

What's new?

The ART 7 MK5 series maintains the same sturdy construction and design as its predecessors but enhances sound quality through the use of new components, including the Kapton diaphragm that provides more detail, and a custom DSP that optimizes sound at every volume. Additionally, the "XBOOST Low Frequency Enhancer" adds more depth and detail to your audio.

What has remained?

The strong lightweight neodymium magnets, robust woofers capable of enduring many hours of play, sturdy class D amplifiers in an aluminum fanless housing with maximum power and easy transport.

An extensive range, from a compact 8-inch to the ART 745 A MK5, a powerful 15-inch cabinet with a peak of 133dB. All can be used as a PA speaker or monitor.