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Pro Play Party, Pro Systems from NextPro Audio


Pro Systems from NextPro Audio: Pro. Play. Party!

Yes! Summer is coming so festivals and events! NextPro Audio is launching the Plug'n'Play PRO series and we can't wait to hear these speakers resonate. With these flexible audio systems, available immediately, you can't go wrong with these stars.

The Pro PA system will delight both you and us with its 4 ProS18A subwoofers and 2 PRO15A tops. A real gem in this range.
We are fans and eagerly await a hot summer with the sound of these guys. Let's go!

NEXT Audicom Flexi 15 15" Active speaker
NEXT Audicom
NEXT Audicom Flexi 15 15" Active speaker
Product Type: Flexible Active PA System - 1 x 15" + 2 x 8"
Frequency Response (-6dB): 40Hz - 19kHz
Nominal Coverage (-6dB): 50-100° H x 55º V (User Rotatable)
Amplifier Technology: Class D with DSP
Amplifier Power: RMS: 1000W | PGM: 2000W
DSP Technology: 24bit | 48kHz DSP
DSP Presets: Flat Indoor, Flat Outdoor, Music, DJ, Vocal
Control Type: Parameters Controlled on the Subwoofer Panel
FR Maximum SPL (calculated): 121dB
SW Maximum SPL (calculated): 127dB
Subwoofer Driver: 15" Woofer | 3" Voice Coil
Low Frequency Driver: 8" Woofer | 1.5" Voice Coil
High Frequency Driver: 1.4" Driver | 1.35" Voice Coil
Audio Signal Inputs: Mono / Stereo Analog Audio
Input Connectors: 2 x XLR / TRS Combo
Audio Signal Outputs: Mono / Stereo Analog Audio
Output Connectors: 2 x XLR
Speakers Output Connectors: 2 x NL4 (1+/1-)
Protections: Overload and Overcurrent
Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC - 45ºC (32ºF - 113ºF)
Cooling Type: Speed Controlled Fan
Power Supply: Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
Power Input: AC 110V - 120V | AC 220V - 240V 50Hz/60Hz
Mains Connector: Standard IEC socket
Power Consumption: 280W (1/8 Max. Power)
Special Features: Subwoofer Phase (0º / 180º) | Input Type (Mono / Stereo) | Main Level Adjust. | Subwoofer Level Adjust.
Fittings: 35mm Pole Mount Socket
Handles: Subwoofer: One on Each Side | Satellite: One on Top
Grille: Powder Coated Steel Grille with Acoustical Foam
Construction: 12mm and 15mm Multi-Laminate Plywood
Finish: Poliurea Coating
Dimensions (WxHxD): Subwoofer: 440 x 655 x 583mm (17.3 x 25.8 x 23 in) | Satellite: 250 x 440 x 238mm (9.8 x 17.3 x 9.4 in)
Accessories: Speaker Cables and Subwoofer Wheels are included
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