Presonus Quantum


PreSonus, with its extensive experience in crafting dependable audio interfaces, proudly presents the Quantum range, designed to meet diverse recording needs with precision and ease.

The Quantum ES series introduces the ES 2 and ES 4 desktop interfaces, engineered for exceptional recording quality. Featuring MAX-HD preamps, these interfaces deliver pristine sound and offer intuitive controls for seamless operation. With options for 24-bit 192 kHz recording, they ensure your recordings capture every detail with clarity.

On the other hand, the Quantum HD series takes things further with expanded I/O options and advanced functionalities. Whether you opt for the compact HD 2 with its impressive 20 ins / 24 outs or the rackmount HD8 boasting 26 ins / 30 outs, you'll find features like re-amping outputs and ADAT expandability that enhance your recording capabilities.

Both series come equipped with Auto Gain functionality, simplifying the recording process by automatically adjusting levels for optimal sound quality. Additionally, seamless integration with Studio One software empowers users with customizable templates and direct hardware control, streamlining their workflow and unleashing creative potential.

With its sleek design, robust features, and seamless integration, the Quantum range offers creators of all levels the tools they need to bring their musical visions to life with clarity and precision.