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adj - Lightning Jolt Panel FXIP
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adj - Lightning Jolt Panel FXIP
The ADJ Lighting Jolt Panel FXIP is an innovative multi-use strobe / wash / eye candy fixture. It is equipped
with 800 x 0.5-Watt RGB SMD LEDs for color strobe, wash and eye candy effects, as well as 48 x 5-Watt white
SMD LEDs located in the center of the fixture to create the traditional look of a strobe. Both types of LED are
grouped into independent controllable zones (6 white and 40 color), allowing for the creation of eye-catching
animated chase patterns. The Jolt Panel FXIP’s massive light output is specifically designed for large
stages, nightclubs, live events and touring.

Building off the success of the original Jolt Panel FX, the new Jolt Panel FXIP features upgrades that will help
Lighting Designers add a new level of creativity to their lightshows. The fixture is IP65-rated for temporary
outdoor or indoor use. ADJ’s proprietary Aria X2 wireless DMX is built-in to each fixture (it is also compatible
with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR wireless DMX), which allows data distribution to occur wirelessly. There is a channel
system on the front of the unit that allows for light shaping filters to be easily and conveniently added to the
fixture. These filters blur the pixel dots and provide designers with another creative way to change the effect
from project to project.

The Jolt Panel FXIP offers users an easy way to navigate the built-in features from an LCD display with a
4-button menu system. The display allows users to change dimming modes, dimming speed, programs, color
macros, LED refresh rate and gamma settings, as well as setting the DMX address and channel modes.
The rear panel has conveniently located IP65-rated 5-pin DMX in/out connections along with IP65-rated
locking power in/out sockets to daisy chain power.
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