Moog Spectravox


Moog Unveils the Spectravox: A New Revolution in Sound Sculpting!

Moog, known for its legendary synthesizers, has introduced the Spectravox, the latest addition to its semi-modular family. Spectravox promises to redefine sound manipulation with its innovative analog spectral processor, built around a 10-band filter bank.

The Spectravox offers many possibilities for creating dynamic drones and vibrant tonal sweeps, while also enhancing external sounds with resonant depth and psychedelic spectral movement.

What sets Spectravox apart is its versatility. By connecting a microphone, users can utilize its capabilities as a 10-band analog vocoder, complete with integrated modulation across all filters. This integration of traditional vocoder elements with advanced filter technology marks a significant step forward in sound design capabilities.

Designed with both exploration and integration in mind, Spectravox boasts an extensive patch bay, ensuring seamless integration into studios of all sizes. It represents an extension of vocoder and filter bank topology, giving musicians and producers a highly flexible instrument and signal processor.

Moog's Spectravox promises to push the boundaries of sonic experimentation and provides a powerful tool for artists looking to shape and redefine their sound.

• An updated version of the limited edition Moogfest version
of Spectravox.
• Use as a standalone synth with included +12V DC power supply or
simply remove the front panel to install into any Eurorack system.
• 36 patch points to unlock deeper sonic exploration and possibilities.
• Multi-use instrument that can function as a synth voice, CV Filter Bank,
and Vocoder.
• Transform any audio source (drum machines, synthesizers, vocals,
field recordings, etc.) with multiband filtering, spectral shifts, and
Carrier/Program relationships.
• Integrate Spectravox with other Moog semi-modular instruments or
Eurorack modules with an extensive 3.5mm patch bay providing
control over critical parameters.