Bekafunproject Vandewiele Groep


Vandewiele is renovating an old factory hall into a state-of-the-art company restaurant


Vandewiele renovated an old factory hall and transformed it into a contemporary meeting place; their brand new company restaurant.
They did this with respect for the old infrastructure. It was stripped, but details such as an old rolling bridge, which are a reminder of the company's history, were preserved. This way, the company's past remains present and tangible in the modern infrastructure.

We were commissioned to provide the large open hall with 12 meter high ceilings with audiovisual techniques. Given the challenges present, such as no walls with technology, high ceilings, few connection points... it became an exceptional project. Customization par excellence for these clients.

We chose an Epson projector with an adapted lens for perfect adjustment on the projection surface. Furthermore, two Kyra speakers from Audac were provided next to the electric projection screen. These speakers have a range of 30 meters and thus cover the load. Supplemented with two woofers on the floor, two speakers in the newly built loft and two speakers in the rest room, we have a very neat and clear result with a minimum of setup.

With Q-Sys we build a user-friendly interface so that the entire system can be operated with ease. Completely customized.

Congratulations Vandewiele Group and have fun.