Welcome to Bekafun!

Bekafun has been the AV equipment supplier for private individuals, installers, and rental businesses for years. Municipalities, schools, and companies are also our clients.

Activate "My Bekafun" and get access to all benefits. Are you a professional client? Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bekafun.be

Activation My Bekafun

With My Bekafun you have access to your personalized promotions and a simple overview of your pending orders, return requests and service orders. More details about all features of My Bekafun can be found at the link below.

Access to My Bekafun

To access My Bekafun, we only need to know whether you're an existing or a new customer who has never bought from us. If you're not sure, click on "I don't know".

Existing customer

Have you purchased from us in the past? Then your data is already in our system and the switch to My Bekafun is simple by creating a new password.

- Click on the link below to register a new password
- Enter your existing login or email address
- You will receive a link via email to choose a password
- After confirming the password you can immediately access My Bekafun

Existing customer without login

You have already purchased from us but do not know your login? Then we will gladly help you to gain access to My Bekafun.

- Via the link below you go to the contact page
- Enter your or your company's details
- Describe your question in the message so that our people can handle it quickly.

New customer

If you have never purchased from us, you can register as a new customer.

- When placing your order you have the option to register as a new customer
- Choose your customer type (individual, company, association...)
- Enter your contact details
- If you register for a company or association, we will also ask for short information about your activity in addition to the VAT or company number.
- After submitting the data, you will receive a link via email to confirm your data.
- After confirmation you will have immediate access to My Bekafun

If you don't want to place an order yet, choose "offer request" in the shopping cart to continue..