Our backdrops have the perfect weight, 320 g/m². Stronger then most backdrops on the market, but still a lighter weight which makes this fabric wrinkle a lot less.

Pre-assembled eyelets every 25 cm make these backdrops very easy to mount. This stage decoration is available in two standard widths (3 and 6 meters) with a length of 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters.


Loop fasteners

Velcro allows you to attach fabric and other material to each other. Stage cloths are a perfect example of this. The fastener consists of two parts, a loop and a hook. The Admiral Velcro rolls are 6 meter in length, so 6 meters of Velcro can be fastened onto a stagedex of 1 by 2 meter. 

The self-adhesive variant can be used on any smooth surface such as aluminium or lacquered wood. The non-adhesive version can be sewed onto all kinds of textiles. Staples make it possible to use the non–adhesive Velcro on wood or other hard materials.

Velcro Hook Tape

Velcro tape allows you to attach your stage decoration easy and quick to your stage decks or any smooth surface such as aluminium or lacquered wood. You can also use this velcro hook tape in combination with our Velcro stage-polyester.

We offer you 2 different sizes velcro tape, 6 meter or 25 meter, in 2 colours: black and grey. Did you know that our stage-polyester sticks to the adhesive, hook, side of the tape?

Deze bestaan ook in het grijs!

Use this super handy tool when applying deco molton to your stage. Our Jack the gripper is designed as a time safer when rolling out your stage skirting. Lift and turn Jack the gripper to unwind the roll of deco molton along the stage. How it works?

Simply push the tool into the cardboard tube of the roll. As soon as you lift the handle, the system clamps itself in the roll, lifting it off the ground allowing you to start rotating it along the stage.