Dap NRG speakers


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Another brand launching a new range of speakers. Yet another OEM product with the same Chinese shit.
That was also our reaction before we unpacked it.
The cabinets are very compact for their power, look good, and sound very musical.
So we will actively sell them and they will be permanently in demo in our store. Dap surpasses itself and, after the launch of their ODIN, finds its way to top quality for a very nice price.

DAP's new NRG series consists of passive and active speakers and subwoofers that combine beautiful sound with a lightweight design. The passive models are perfect for permanent installations, while the active models are ideal for mobile applications. Both versions offer speakers with 8", 10", 12" and 15" woofers, while the subwoofers offer a choice of 12", 15" and 18" woofers.

All models in the NRG series have lightweight plywood cabinets making them easy to transport and install. The cabinets are carefully constructed to ensure durability and strength, with a professional polyurea coating providing extra protection. Each top cabinet has a double ⌀ 35 mm speaker flange, one at 0° and one at 5°, so you can easily place the speaker at the best angle for your situation. In addition to the speaker flange, each speaker has three M10 mounting points that allow for easy rigging. The subwoofers are equipped with an M20 thread that can be used to mount a speaker on them using a speaker spacer pole.

The active NRG speakers are all equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and True Wireless Stereo. This allows you to ditch the cables and still stream from any Bluetooth device and enjoy stereo sound by wirelessly connecting two NRG full-range speakers. The active speakers also have dedicated microphone and line inputs with XLR/jack combos and independent volume controls, making it possible to play different sources simultaneously. The active NRG speakers and subwoofers also have built-in DSP presets. The subwoofer presets optimize the sound for the NRG speaker you're using it with, while the DSP presets for the top cabinets offer four different modes that you can select at the touch of a button:
Contour - this mode boosts the frequencies lost from music streaming services and wireless connections and is ideal when using the speaker without a mixer.
Speech - this mode amplifies the frequencies used by the voice for clear, intelligible speech.
Flat - this mode provides a linear frequency response and is ideal when using the speaker with a mixer
+Sub - this mode filters out low frequencies and optimizes the speaker output for use with NRG subwoofers.

For extra protection during storage and transport, durable covers made of water-repellent Codura are available for the entire NRG series.

Active series with DSP

Passive series