Montarbo Nettuno kolomsysteem


Nettuno: powerful column systems

Where other column systems stop, the Nettuno series begins. These speakers continue the 'column' system as we know it from the very successful polar series (HK) and the evolve series (Electrovoice), but a lot more powerful. The Nettuno 10 is already 4.5 dB louder than the evolve50. This Nettuno 10 also has a full 8-channel digital mixing console, controllable via app and with a full DSP and effects processor.

Nettuno 20 and Nettuno 50 go a lot further, they do not have a built-in mixer, but they do have a built-in DSP that can be controlled via RDnet.

Nettuno 10

nettuno 10.jpg

Nettuno 10: Mono system that can also be used in stereo, with 8 channel mixer and FX, Bluetooth, powerful sub and 2 tops. The mixer can also be operated perfectly with an app on your tablet.

Nettuno 20

nettuno 20.jpg

Nettuno 50

nettuno 50.jpg

Nettuno 50: Very powerful system, up to 2 bass and 2 top per side.